Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cycling to Mirtos Beach - May 14

Progress - I only slept until 11:30 today. When I awoke, Murray had already assembled his bike and was off for a ride. How could he? Without me?

I decided to go for a ride on my own. Just as I was unpacking my bike, Murray returned. He rode up to acropolis in Sami, located on a very steep, winding road splattered with goat droppings and hairy catterpillars all the way to the top. The ruins and monestary of the acropolis were a disappointment. There was no form remaining - just rocks, supported wall and signs indicating what the ruins used to be. Definitely, not worth the quad burn from the very steep climb.

Murray helped me assemble my bike, and we went on my first ride, his second. We rode along the coast to Agia Efimia, a charming fishing village with outdoor cafes. We didn't stop on the way out, continuing on to Mirtos Beach.

Mirtos was down a very steep road. This is a very hilly island. At the end of the descent we discovered a pristine white sand beach. The turquoise water was so clear that I could see rocks and minnows beneath the surface. We took off our shoes, and waded in the water - not too cold. Afterwards, we reclined on the warm sand and let the Mediterrean sun warm us. Our only complaint - no snack shop for refreshments. Odd, since there was a structure half-built which looked like a snack shop forgotten in the middle of construction.

The climb up from the beach was challenging. I haven't biked much this year, especially compared to the past two years. My legs protested the vertical ascent. Okay, it wasn't quite vertical, but it was the hardest climb I have ridden since last year's ascent up the mountains of France. Thank goodness it was only a mile or so up to the top.

On the way home, we stopped at Elimia to a bar/cafe called Captain Carelli's. We stopped for drinks - a lemonde and water for me, a small beer for Murray. We were amazed with the cheap price - only 4 euros.

That evening, Kerry made a vegetable barbecue, eggplant stuffed with mozzarella, Greek salad, bread and wine.

Total miles: 24

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