Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snake on the Path - May 18

After seven flats and four days of riding, Murray and I voted to give our weary backends a day off. What a luxury to sleep as late as we wanted instead of jumping out of bed preparing to tackle the day's ride.

By noon, we decided that even if we weren't riding, we wanted some exercise, so we put on our running shoes and headed to Sami. My hamstrings were sore from all the riding, and any hills strained my legs. So we ran alongside the water on paths. Murray was running a bit ahead when I saw something moving near the path.

I screamed.

The snake responded by jumping and twisted in the air.

I screamed louder and jumped back, flailing my arms as I backpedaled. The snake moved off the path.
Murray had stopped to watch the spectacle, and he laughed.
"It could have been poisonous!" I told him. "There are poisonous snakes in Greece."

"I don't think it was - it looked too plain. Usually, the poisonous ones have more colorful markings."

Note the key word, "usually." I'm glad I didn't stand on the path to find out for sure.
After our jog, we showered and headed to Captain Corelli's in Agia Efimia. This had become our regular afternoon stop on our rides, but this time we drove and showed up clean. Murray had lemonade, I ordered white wine, and the waitress brought out a bowl of chips.
That evening, Murray's nother made spaghetti with lentils, carrots and sauce served with a salad and bread.

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