Friday, May 22, 2009

Nia's Birthday - May 20

Today was Nia's fourth birthday. Nia is Murray's niece. The day started with a family breakfast where Nia opened presents and cards. Her favorite present was a castle building set. But her biggest surprise was the arrival of her dad, David, to the island.

Next up was a lunch party for Nia with another family who had two children. Murray and I decided to forego the kid's party and head out for lunch and time at Mirtos Beach.

We dined at a cafe surrounded by rose bushes and a strange plant that has red blooms, which looked like toilet brushes. We ordered Greek salads, fried zucchini (called courgette in England), fries and stuffed grape leaves. We had a friend join us for lunch, a beautiful stray cat. Homeless cats, such as our friend, seem to survive by begging at restaurants. Some are in rough shape, with mangey coats and seeping eyes. This one at least looked to be in good shape. The only thing suitable to feed the cat was feta cheese. We put some down for him, and he wolfed it down.

After lunch, we returned to Mirtos Beach - this time by car. We hadn't explored the cave last time we were at the beach, so we went inside. The water looked so tempting, I jumped in. It was refreshing to tred water in the sea.

After our time at the beach, we returned home to get ready for dinner out at the Dolphin to celebrate Nia's birthday. The highlight was the music playing once again. Nia loves dancing, and her mother, Kerry, Murray and I took turns as her partner. The restaurant surprised us by having a cake for her. The staff brought it out, and the musicians played happy birthday. Nia was so excited that she gave the musician a kiss on the cheek. She had the best birthday ever.

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