Friday, May 15, 2009

Traveling to Greece - May 11 & 12

I'm on my way to my vacation in the Greek Island of Kefalonia. My plane was supposed to leave at 7 for Seattle, from there I was to fly on to Amsterdam and then Athens. When I arrived to the airport, I was informed that my plane was cancelled. This is quite trying when there are so many connections. Fortunately, I was rerouted to Minneapolis and then on to Amsterdam and Athens.

Once I arrived in Athens, I had to wait several hours for my domestic flight from Athens to Kefalonia via Olympic Airlines. It was there I was supposed to meet Murray.

For those of you who don't know the story, I met Murray on a writing web site. Jokingly, he invited me to vacation with him on Kefalonia with his family. I said yes. Again, it was a joke. But after exchanging emails with this handsome man from England who shares many interests with me, I decided to go. So here I am, on my way to Greece. I should also mention that he did fly over to Montana to meet me in April.

I was happy that the plane to Kefalonia was delayed since Murray was late in arriving to the gate. I thought it would be a bit strange to show up in Kefalonia to meet his English family without him. We arrived that night to the villa that the family has rented for their holiday.

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