Friday, May 15, 2009

Grandpop's Birthday - May 13

With a nine hour time difference and traveling for more than 24 hours, I needed sleep. I slept until 1 in the afternoon. That afternoon, Murray and I jogged to the town of Sami, a couple miles down the road. Sami is a port town and was used as the main location for Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

That evening, we had a birthday dinner and then cake to celebrate the 75th birthday of Murray's dad, David. His mom, Maureen, his sister Kerry and her two children, Nia and Cara were there for the festivities.

We ate dinner at a restaurant by the water. I had grilled black snapper cooked in cellophane with carrots, garlic, potato pieces and Greek olive oil. The combination was a flavor medely. My only complaint was the small fish bones.

After dinner, Murray, Kari, the kids and I walked back to the villa. Along the way, I captured some photos along the waterfront. One nice thing about being in Greece is that most all of the people speak English.

We returned to the villa to have chocolate cake. David wondered why there were six candles since it was his 75th birthday. No one had an answer. But we sang happy birthday and enjoyed the rich, decadent cake with a chocolate mousse layer.

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